How can I change my direct debit bank account details?

You can do this via Online Member Services and the Teachers Health app. Here’s how:

Online Member Services

  • Log in
  • Go to Payments
  • Click Payment Details - Premiums
  • Click Edit
  • Tick Direct debit contributions box
  • Select Bank account as Direct debit type
  • Enter BSB
  • Enter Account number
  • Enter Account name
  • Select Rebate tier
  • Enter direct debit effective date
  • Select Frequency (fortnightly, monthly, six-monthly, annual)
  • Click Next
  • Read and accept Direct debit agreements
  • Click Submit.

Teachers Health app

  • Log in
  • Tap Membership
  • Choose Payment details - Premiums
  • Tap the Edit icon next to the Payment Type
  • Enter Cardholder name, BSB and Account number
  • Read and accept the Direct debit agreements
  • Click Update.

It can take up to 14 days for these changes to be processed, so please allow time for this before your next scheduled direct debit.

You can follow the same steps to change your:

  • Payment date
  • Payment frequency.