Couples health insurance

Couples health insurance

Health insurance for you two 🤍🤍

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Couples Hospital cover

If you need to go to hospital, having Hospital cover can help you avoid public wait lists and be treated where you want to, by a specialist you know and trust.

We do our best to help our members with Hospital cover avoid, or minimise, out-of-pocket expenses for doctors’ costs and hospital bills. We believe in sharing as much useful information as possible to help answer questions ahead of a hospital visit. 

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Couples Extras cover

Extras cover can help with everyday health expenses like dental, optical, physio and chiro. We also pay a Natural Therapies benefit for things like a remedial massage or acupuncture session. 

Our Extras cover includes a Healthy Lifestyle benefit that you can use towards the cost of a service to help improve a health condition. This could be a gym membership, personal training sessions, or an online weight management program^.

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If you’re looking for trusted health information (and inspiration!), we’re here for you. From eyecare to exercise, mental wellness to mindfulness, our health experts share a range of insights and tips to help you take care of yourself and your family, whatever stage of life you’re at.

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Why Teachers Health?

We’re for the education community

As the health fund for school staff and their families, you’re at the heart of everything we do.

We’re for members, not profit

Being not-for-profit, we’re about giving more back to members (not payouts to shareholders).

We’re for care when you need it

As a private patient you can choose your doctor and avoid long public hospital waits (phew!).

We’re for the greater good

We give back to the education community through scholarships, sponsorships, research and more.

Couples health cover FAQs

Can I add my partner to my existing policy?

Yes, you can add a partner to family cover (but not singles cover as that’s designed for one person).

If you’re currently on single or single parent cover, you’ll need to move onto a couple or family membership (whichever is relevant to you). See more on adding a partner to your membership

Is couples’ health insurance cheaper?

Family cover is designed for two people in a relationship, plus any dependants. So, while it can cost more than singles cover, it covers more people!

In general, we keep premiums as low as we can. Our average annual premium increase for 2024 was 2.65% – below the industry average of 3.03%.

Do we have to be married for couples’ insurance?

No, family cover is designed for married and de facto relationships (and dependants!).

Income, child and dependant have special definitions for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes. For more information, see the ATO website

Does couple insurance cover pregnancy?

We’ve got a range of Hospital and Extras cover to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. If you’re looking for pregnancy cover, read our pregnancy and birth info to see which level of cover would suit you.

You may want Hospital cover so you can choose your obstetrician and have a private room, and Extras cover for things like childbirth education, massage and chiro. You’ll also want to make sure your kids’ needs are covered as they grow up.

Can divorced couples share health insurance in Australia?

No, family cover is designed for people in married and de facto relationships (and dependants).

If you have cover with us, however, your former partner may be eligible to join Teachers Health. See more on who can join the Teachers Health family

Income, child and dependant have special definitions for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes. For more information, see the ATO website

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