Choosing your cover

Choosing your cover

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Whether you’re choosing health insurance for the first time or have had it for ages, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right cover for you. That way, you’ll have support when you need it, without paying for benefits you’re unlikely to use.

Your choice may depend on whether it’s just for yourself or for your family (including any new additions who may come along!) as well as your age, health and priorities. And, of course, your budget.

Here are just some of the things to be aware of:

Youth on your side (20s)

  • If you’re single

Even if you’re young and healthy, it can be good to have Hospital cover. If you need to go to hospital for things like joint reconstruction, or to have your wisdom teeth (or even your appendix) out, you can avoid public wait lists and choose your doctor. Plus, Extras cover can provide handy help with dental, optical, physio and even gym memberships. Check out our StarterPak (Basic Plus) as a budget-friendly package.

  • If you’re a couple

Thinking kids? Keep in mind there’s a nine-month wait for pregnancy and birth cover. So you may want to upgrade your Hospital cover to include obstetrics and IVF, and have Extras cover for things like childbirth classes, massage and chiro.

Getting more serious (30s and 40s)

  • Over 30?

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to get Hospital cover to avoid the government’s Lifetime Health Cover loading, which kicks in when you turn 31. Adding Extras cover can help with everyday health expenses like dental, optical, physio and chiro.

  • If you’re thinking kids

Having a baby is expensive (lucky they’re cute!). That means you may want Hospital cover so you can choose your obstetrician and have a private room, and Extras cover for things like childbirth education, massage and chiro. You’ll also want to make sure your kids’ needs are covered as they grow up.

  • If kids aren’t on the cards

To look after yourself, it’s good to have Hospital cover for more choice if you need to go to hospital, and Extras cover to help with everything from contact lenses to chiro. If you don’t need big-ticket stuff like childbirth and joint replacements, mid-level cover could give you what you need for less.

  • If you’re a single parent

Unexpected medical costs can be a struggle, especially when you’re on one income. So it can be a relief to have Hospital and Extras cover to help with things like illness, orthodontics, glasses, physio and even skater girl mishaps!

Busy adulting (40s and 50s)

  • If the kids are growing up

As the kids get older you can skip the obstetrics, but you may want Hospital and Extras cover for things like orthodontics, glasses (for them and you!) and other issues that may arise – such as sporting injuries, heart conditions, root canal therapy and other big expenses.

  • If you’re a single parent

To get the best value, you may be able to skip expensive inclusions like childbirth and joint replacements. But you may be thankful for Hospital and Extras cover to help pay for things like kids’ braces, glasses and unexpected medical treatment for any of you.

  • If there’s just the two of you

Although you might be able to save on things like childbirth and kids’ orthodontics, it’s smart to factor in big expenses like joint replacement and other medical issues that may pop up. Having Hospital cover can also help you avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge if you earn more than $186,000 as a couple.

  • If you’re single

When it’s just you, it’s nice to know you’ve got Hospital and Extras cover to support you with everything from glasses and gym membership to bigger expenses like root canal therapy, joint replacement and unexpected heart issues. Having Hospital cover can also help you avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge if you earn more than $93,000 as a single.

Older and wiser (over 60s)

  • If you’re single

Now may be the time you can finally get the kids out of the house – and off your cover! But you might want to make sure you’ve got Hospital cover for things like hearts, hips and knees plus Extras cover for optical, physio and dental (those crowns can be expensive!).

  • If you’re a couple

The same applies as for singles, plus you may want to check whether you’re better off having couples cover or separate cover (especially if you each have different needs).

Need help deciding?

We’re here to chat you through the best option for you. So give us a call.

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