Singles health insurance

Singles health insurance

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* Based on an Australian Government Rebate of %, % LHC loading, $ excess for a in .

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Singles Hospital cover

With Hospital cover, you have more choices when it comes to the care you receive. Like which hospital you go to and who treats you there. Not to mention avoiding sometimes lengthy public hospital waitlists. 

With Teachers Health Hospital cover, you could access a range of support services around hospital treatment, having a baby, or managing your physical and/or mental health (at no extra cost!).

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Singles Extras cover

Extras cover helps to pay for everyday health services like dental, optical and physio appointments. You can even claim benefits towards a remedial massage or an acupuncture session.

With Teachers Health Extras, you can get up to two fully covered preventative dental check-ups^ from providers in our dental network. Access discounts, and no gap frame and lens packages when you visit a provider in our optical network.

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Why Teachers Health?

We’re for the education community

As the health fund for school staff and their families, you’re at the heart of everything we do.

We’re for members, not profit

Being not-for-profit, we’re about giving more back to members (not payouts to shareholders).

We’re for care when you need it

As a private patient you can choose your doctor and avoid long public hospital waits (phew!).

We’re for the greater good

We give back to the education community through scholarships, sponsorships, research and more.

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Singles health insurance FAQs

What is covered by singles health insurance policies?

Singles cover is just for one person (so it won’t cover a partner or dependants). We have a range of Hospital and Extras covers to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Even if you opt for simple Hospital cover, Basic Hospital (Basic Plus) can help you avoid public hospital wait lists if you need a joint reconstruction, for example, or your wisdom teeth taken out in hospital.

Extras cover helps with the cost of your everyday health to-do list. Stuff Medicare generally doesn’t pay for, like a trip to the dentist or getting a new pair of prescription glasses.

How much is singles cover?

Singles cover can start from a little as $26.6/week* for StarterPak (Basic +)  but we’ve got a range of Hospital and Extras covers to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

To make health cover more affordable, the Australian Government contributes to the cost of private health insurance premiums; this is known as the Private Health Insurance Rebate. See more on how the rebate works

Who is most suitable for singles health cover?

Singles cover is designed for one person. If you’re looking for cover for a couple or family, then family cover is the way to go!

If you’re over 30, now’s the time to get Hospital cover to avoid the Australian Government’s Lifetime Health Cover loading, which kicks in when you turn 31.

Having Hospital cover can also help you avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge if your yearly income is more than $93,000.

Is health insurance cheaper as a couple or single?

Singles cover can be cheaper than family cover, but it only covers one person. Family cover will cover two people in a relationship, plus any dependants!

In general, we keep premiums as low as we can. Our average annual premium increase for 2024 was 2.65% – below the industry average of 3.03%.

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