Healthy Lifestyle programs

Healthy Lifestyle programs

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Proactively manage health conditions

While Extras cover can help anyone take care of mind and body, the Healthy Lifestyle bit can be especially useful if you have a health condition. 

The Healthy Lifestyle benefit provides access to programs and services that could help you improve your condition, and (hopefully) your overall quality of life. Win-win!

This benefit's included on all levels of Teachers Health Extras cover: Top ExtrasMid Extras and StarterPak (Basic Plus).


Claiming the Healthy Lifestyle benefit

In most cases, you’ll need a health/medical professional to complete a form confirming the service you’re claiming for is to improve (ameliorate) a specific health condition. See below for more detail.

What’s covered

The Healthy Lifestyle benefit can help with the cost of the following services. If you have any doubt about what you can claim for, please call us so we can check it out before you sign up.

Weight management programs*

Including Weight Watchers, CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Impromy Program, Michelle Bridges 12 WBT (Weight Loss), Interval Weight Loss, Core & Floor Restore, and SHED-IT.

Learn more about the programs

Gym membership and personal training

Including F45, Crossfit, personal training, bootcamps, pool entry fees and aquarobics. Plus, online fitness programs including TIFFXO, 28 by Sam Woods and PD Warrior.  

Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL) program

HEAL is a lifestyle modification program that helps you develop lifelong healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Learn more about HEAL

Health screenings

Including mammograms, skin and bowel cancer screenings and bone mineral density tests. The Healthy Lifestyle benefit can be used to help cover the cost of these if you can't claim for them through Medicare. Ask your provider beforehand if the screening you’re having is claimable via Medicare.

Learn more about health screenings covered by Medicare

Disease management subscriptions^

To help you access support services from a relevant association, e.g. Diabetes Australia.
Eligible conditions include arthritis, asthma, coeliac, colostomy, Crohn’s, diabetes and heart disease. 

What's not covered

The Healthy Lifestyle benefit can’t be used for prepared food, vitamins, exercise equipment, swimming lessons, Pilates classes, yoga classes, books or DVDs. First aid courses and kits are also excluded.

Online fitness programs that do not have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) are also excluded.

Accessing the benefit

If you’re currently serving waiting periods on your Extras cover, bear in mind there’s a 6 month wait for the Healthy Lifestyle benefit. If this doesn’t apply to you, keep reading!

Weight management, gym membership & HEAL

You’ll need a health practitioner to confirm you’re accessing the program or service to improve an existing health condition. If they’re happy to do this, ask them to complete and sign Section B of the Healthy Lifestyle Program Form.

Eligible practitioners include your GP, medical specialist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or occupational therapist.

Your form will be valid for 24 months from the date your practitioner signs it. To keep claiming after that, please follow the steps below to submit a new form.

Health screenings & disease management subscriptions

You don’t need to submit a form to access these services.


To claim for weight management, gym membership or HEAL:

  1. Complete the Healthy Lifestyle program form – ask your medical practitioner to do their bit and you do the rest.
  2. Access an approved program or service – making sure you get a valid receipt (see the form for more info on this).
  3. Submit your claim – send us your receipts, and the fully completed form (see the form for your options).

For health screenings and disease management subscriptions, just follow steps 2 and 3.

Any questions?

If you'd like more info on what you can claim for or how to claim, please call us. We’re here to help.