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Why get Extras cover?

You probably know Extras cover can help with the cost of everyday healthcare. Things that Medicare generally doesn’t pay for, like dental checks, glasses or chiro. It can also support you in ways you may not have thought of.


Dental care is about more than your smile – poor oral health has been linked to heart and lung diseases, and can affect your sleep, diet, work and social life.

As you age, physio can help you avoid falls and hearing aids can help prevent dementia. These are just a few scenarios where Extras services could help you stay well, or stop small issues getting bigger.

Alongside Hospital cover

Extras can also work in tandem with Hospital cover like seeing a dietitian during cancer treatment. Or during recovery, like speech therapy after a stroke.

What’s right for you?

Consider which services you’re likely to need, now and in the near future, and how often you might need them.

If you have any questions about Extras cover, we’re here to answer them on 1300 727 538.

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