What’s the flu vaccination benefit?

It’s a sub-limit of Healthy Lifestyle.


If you've got Extras cover, you can claim for flu vaccinations given by a registered pharmacist or GP.

Those aged under 5 or over 65 or at a higher risk of severe complications from influenza can receive a free flu vaccine under the National Immunisation Program. If you think you’re eligible, please contact your healthcare provider first to get a free vaccine through this program instead.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay you this benefit if you received a government- or employer-funded flu vaccine.


Here’s how much you’ll get back:

  • Top Extras and Mid Extras – we’ll pay the cost of the vaccine up to $30 per person*
  • Basic Extras and StarterPak – we’ll pay for the cost of the vaccine up to $30 per person, to a maximum of $60 per policy for Couple, Single Parent and Family policies*

We’ll only pay for the vaccine’s cost, not any consultation, service fees, or other costs.