Claiming for Extras

Our Extras products provide benefits for a range of lifestyle services that Medicare generally doesn't pay for, such as optical, dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapies. You can make a claim for Extras benefits in several easy and convenient ways. Claims can only be made for services received from recognised Australian providers.

On the Spot (HICAPS)

Simply present your membership card to participating providers to be swiped at the time of service and the claim will be processed automatically. You will only be required to pay the balance remaining after the Fund benefit has been paid.  To avoid any confusion, ask your service provider if they offer this service before commencing your treatment.

Mobile App

Download the mobile app for your Apple or Android device, take a photo of your official receipt* and submit your claim.  Just make sure that you keep your original receipts for two years.  For more information or to download the App, click here.


You can claim online for a range of Extras services, including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Complementary therapies
  • Remedial massage
  • General dental
  • Optical
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry

Simply log on to our online members area, enter the required details and the benefits will be transferred into your nominated bank account within three working days. Just make sure that you keep your original official receipts* for two years from the date you lodged your claim. For more information about claiming online, visit FAQs.

Submit a Claim Form

Complete a claim form, attach your invoice or receipt and submit it to us:

  • by mail to Teachers Health, GPO Box 9812, Sydney NSW 2001
  • in person at a Member Care Centre located at a Teachers Health Centre
  • via email to

Once your claim form has been processed we will deposit the payment directly into your nominated account.

*Official Receipts

A receipt must be on official letterhead or stamped with a provider stamp containing the:

  • name of the practitioner providing the service
  • address where the service was provided
  • contact number for the provider
  • provider number (where available or practical) and/or registration number of provider with professional associations

If an account or receipt is produced electronically it should be signed at the time of issue either by the provider or their representative

The receipt should be itemised with the following details:

  • the name of the patient receiving the service
  • the date of each individual service provided
  • the type of each individual service provided
  • the cost of each individual service provided
  • a body part identifier, prescription/script number or tooth identification where required
  • whether the account has been paid or not
  • handwritten provider details and alterations to accounts will not be accepted