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We're for soon-to-be teachers too!

When you’re busy studying, thinking about health insurance mightn’t be top of your list. But even if you’re young and healthy, there are many ways health cover can help take care of your health and wellbeing. And that’s where Teachers Health – the health fund for the education community and their families – comes in.

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Why Teachers Health?

We’re for school staff

As the health fund for education staff and their families, you’re at the heart of everything we do.

We’re for members, not profit

Being not-for-profit, we’re all about giving more back to members (not payouts to shareholders).

We’re for health and wellbeing

We help you navigate life’s ups and downs through added health and wellbeing support.

We’re for the greater good

We give back to the education community through scholarships, sponsorships, research and more.

Who can join?

If you’re a teacher (or will be one day soon) and a member of a relevant union, then you and/or your family can join Teachers Health. That includes your parents and siblings – take a look at who’s eligible. See more on joining the NSW Teachers Federation and Independent Education Union.

Three ways to be covered (one at no extra cost!)

Depending on where you’re at, here’s how to make sure you’ve got the cover you need when you need it:

  1. If you’re a single, full-time student who’s under 32, you can be on the family membership at no extra cost – thanks Mum and Dad!
  2. If you’ve finished studying (congrats!), are under 32 and single, you can stay on the family membership via Extended Family Cover
  3. If you’re under 32 but you’re married or de facto OR you’ve turned 32, it’s time to get your own membership

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