COVID savings give-back

COVID savings give-back

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Your essential give-back facts

What is the COVID savings give-back?

Teachers Health Group – which includes Teachers Health, UniHealth and Nurses & Midwives Health – is returning (giving back!) approximately $31 million back to members via one-off payments.

The give-back is the latest in a series of measures that deliver on our promise not to profit from claims savings due to the pandemic.

How much are the payments?

The amounts range from $47 – $242.

Here’s how it breaks down:





Extras only




Hospital only




Hospital & Extras#




Will I get a payment?

Eligibility extends to current and former members with Hospital and/or Extras cover, who had an active membership as at 31 December 2021.

In other words, your membership:

  • Was paid up to date
  • Wasn’t suspended.

Will everyone on my membership get a payment?

No. It’s one payment per membership, not one for each person on your cover.

When will I get my payment?

Payments will roll out during August. As you can imagine, we have a lot of eligible members, so this will take time.

In July, we’ll contact eligible members with detailed information on timing and payment methods.

How will I receive my payment?

Current members

If we have your bank account details for benefit payments, we’ll credit to your nominated account in early August. We’ll contact all eligible members with more detailed information about the payments in July.

Former members

If we don’t hold your direct credit details on file, we’ll mail you a cheque towards the end of August.

How did you calculate the payment amounts?

They’re based on a number of factors, including:

  • Claims savings available – the total give-back amount
  • Eligible memberships – the number of payments to be made
  • Membership Single, Couple, or Family (which includes Single Parent and Extended Family)
  • Cover – Hospital, Extras, or both (which includes StarterPak).

Why don’t the amounts vary by level of cover?

We had to draw the line somewhere – keeping it simple is faster and more efficient; cost-wise and logistically.

Will the payment affect my health insurance rebate or taxable income?

No. The give-back payments are in lieu of benefits members could have claimed, not a refund on premiums. So it won’t impact the rebate (for those who claim it).

As ever, we encourage you to talk to your tax agent if you have any questions.

Premiums are increasing in October, why didn’t you just cancel the increases?

It’s a fair question – here are two key factors:

  1. Increases: The (deferred) average annual premium increases were confirmed back in December 2021. These periodic increases are carefully calculated to ensure we’ll be able to pay our members’ future claims.
  2. Payments: We were only able to set the member payments once we’d calculated our COVID-19 claims savings. And this happened much later.

In this situation, one-off payments are the quickest and most efficient way to return the COVID-19 savings to you, our members.

Can you use my COVID-19 payment to reduce my premium? Or can you donate it to a charity on my behalf?

Unfortunately, we can’t. The last thing we want to do is spend more money than necessary on give-back admin. The payment enables you to spend the money as you wish – ultimately giving you more choice.

Why are Ambulance-only memberships excluded?

Members with Ambulance-only cover still had access to these services throughout the pandemic, unlike those with Hospital/and or Extras cover.