Teachers Health offers a broad range of great value private health insurance cover to the Australian education community and their families. The range is designed to ensure that there is a cover option that suits not only your individual needs and budget, but also the changing priorities you may have at different stages in your life.

Like most private health insurance funds, our products are split into two basic types - Hospital cover and Extras cover.

Our Hospital products provide benefits for a range of services received when you are admitted to hospital.

Our Extras products provide benefits for a range of services that Medicare generally doesn't pay for, including optical, dental, chiropractic services and physiotherapy.

Our Hospital and Extras products can be taken individually, or combined to provide you with greater cover that suits your needs. Or, if you are young and looking at taking out health insurance for the first time you might be interested in our StarterPak that combines Hospital and Extras cover at a price you can easily afford.

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Hospital cover

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Extras cover

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Combined cover

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Emergency ambulance

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