Why doesn’t my statement show all my payments?

Here are three potential scenarios:

  1. Pre-payment

    Tax statements only show payments we received during that financial year. If you pre-paid your premium the previous financial year that payment won’t be on your statement.

    Your statement will show the number of days you were covered though, which may be relevant from a Medicare Levy Surcharge perspective.

  2. Another adult on your cover

    Premium and rebate amounts are divided between eligible adults who were covered when the payment(s) were made. Even if one of them left the membership later that financial year.

  3. Lifetime Health Cover loading

    If one (or more) adults on your cover has Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading, that portion of your payments won’t show up on your tax statement.

    That’s because tax statements only show the amount that was eligible for the Private Health Insurance Rebate, which the LHC part isn’t.