How can I upgrade my cover?

Before making any changes, please consider:

  • Your options – which Hospital and/or Extras cover is right for you?
  • Waiting periods – when can you start claiming your new, or increased, Hospital and/or Extras benefits?

Ready to upgrade?

You can upgrade via Online Member Services:

1. Get started

  • Log in
  • Go to Membership
  • Click Cover details
  • Select the Edit icon next to your product name

2. Choose cover

  • Select Cover type
  • Select Cover start date
  • Click Next
  • Scroll to new cover
  • Click Choose
  • Click Next

3. Review update(s)

  • Check new cover details
  • Tick declaration
  • Click Next
  • You're done!

Your next payment

Be aware that upgrading may impact your ‘paid to' date (i.e. if your premium is increasing, your next payment may be due sooner). 

You'll find your paid to date under Cover details.