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Access Gap specialists

If the service you need is ‘covered' or 'restricted’ on your Hospital insurance, you can choose your specialist. While quality of care may be paramount, for many of us cost is another key consideration.

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend reading How to choose a specialist for more detail on understanding, and controlling, your costs.

Here you can search for specialists who’ve treated other people under the Access Gap scheme, and ask if they’ll do the same for you. If they agree to treat you under Access Gap you’ll either have no gap or a known gap (to be agreed on before you’re treated).

Using the search tool

Through the search tool below you can find out:

  • which specialists have treated patients under Access Gap
  • the percentage of health fund members they’ve done this for
  • the total number of patients the percentage is drawn from (for context).

To find this info:

  1. Search by specialty (or name) and location
  2. Click on a specialist’s profile
  3. Scroll down to ‘fees’
  4. Hit the procedure fees tab
  5. Check out the Access Gap numbers

You’ll also see a consultation fees tab. You can’t claim for these fees because they’re for outpatient services, but understanding those costs is part of making an informed decision.