Teachers Health 70-Year Member Giveaway

Teachers Health 70-Year Member Giveaway

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Celebrating our members with the chance to win 1,000 eGift cards

It’s a big year here at Teachers Health as we celebrate our 70-year anniversary. That’s 70 years of looking after our education community, and more recently our nurses, midwives and tertiary educators too through Nurses & Midwives Health and UniHealth, which are also part of the Teachers Health Group. You can read more about our history and see some of the milestones we’ve reached over that time.


Making our members the winners all year!

To celebrate you, our members, our 70-Year Member Giveaway is giving you the chance to win one of 1,000 eGift cards worth $100 each! Winners will be drawn every month from May to December 2024.

Entry in the draw is automatic as long as you’ve consented to receiving marketing from us and we have a valid email address for you – there’s no need to do anything! If you don’t receive marketing from us, you can opt in to the giveaway now. (And if you’d prefer not to enter, you can also opt out of the draw.)*

The longer you’ve been with us, the more chances you’ll have to win.


Member for
10 years or less
Member for
11-20 years
Member for
21-30 years
Member for
31-40 years
Member for
41-50 years
Member for
51 years or more
2 entries 3 entries 4 entries 5 entries 6 entries 7 entries


Our lucky winners will be announced on this page each month. Of course, we’ll also email you directly with your $100 eGift card if your name is drawn!

If you have any questions about the giveaway, check out our FAQs. Here are the full terms and conditions.

To all our members, thank you for being with us and helping us celebrate this special milestone, and good luck!

Our monthly winners

Congrats to our latest (and lucky!) monthly winners. Enjoy spending your $100 eGift card.

A. Andreou, NSW | A. Bowan, NSW | A. Kleinmann, NSW | A. Lind, NSW | A. Oickle, QLD | A. Sirec, NSW | A. Smith, NSW | A. Wise, NSW | B. Findlay, VIC | B. Hutton, VIC | B. Piggott, NSW | B. Simmons, NSW | B. Smith, NSW | B. Thomas, NSW | C. Bracknell, WA | C. Furness, NSW | C. Lockie, VIC | C. Logan, NSW | C. Ralph, NSW | C. Steer, NSW | D. Elser, NSW | D. Kearns, NSW | D. Pobega, VIC | D. Rajcevski, NSW | D. Smith, VIC | E. Howlett, NSW | E. Jamieson, NSW | E. Luckie, NSW | E. McGavin, VIC | E. Richardson, SA | F. Robinson, NSW | G. Liddell, NSW | G. Speight, VIC | H. Abbott, NSW | H. Burton, NSW | H. Tsonis, VIC | J. Adler, VIC | J. Brits, NSW | J. Butler, NSW | J. Clarke, NSW | J. Ferlazzo, NSW | J. Reid, NSW | J. Rhodes, NSW | J. Richardson, VIC | J. Sparkes, NSW | J. Trend, VIC | J. White, NSW | K. Baxter, NSW | K. Donnelley, NSW | K. Gill, QLD | K. Kerr, NSW | K. O'Connor, WA | K. Reardon, NSW | K. Trembath, NSW | L. Dickson, VIC | L. Evans, NSW | L. McConnell, NSW | L. Meadows, NSW | L. Soligo, NSW | M. Abraham, NSW | M. Byrne, NSW | M. Guerra, SA | M. Harding, NSW | M. Hollands, ACT | M. Lyden, NSW | M. Pianta, VIC | M. Roberts, WA | M. Robinson, VIC | N. Hallion, SA | N. Pangbourne, NSW | N. Wells, NSW | O. Riley, NSW | P. Brownsey, NSW | P. Low, NSW | P. Wagstaff, VIC | R. Andrews, VIC | R. Clarke, NSW | R. McCann, NSW | R. Russell, NSW | R. Webb, NSW | R. Woods, NSW | S. Coughlan, NSW | S. Kharal, NT | S. Napthali, NSW | S. Papagiannopoulou, NSW | S. Pilgrim, NSW | S. Reeves, NSW | S. Salli, NSW | S. Taranto, NSW | T. Allen, NSW | T. Alsop, VIC | T. Burnus, NSW | T. Hill, SA | T. Hopley, NSW | T. Moustacas, NSW | T. Swift, NSW | V. Biddle, VIC | W. Foran, NSW | Y. Shen, NSW | Z. Roslan, VIC
70 years

See how far we’ve come in 70 years

Teachers Health has come a long way since we were set up to look after the education community in 1954. Discover how we’ve supported our members over the (many!) decades.

Read our 70-year story

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