Meet Taryn

Teacher, mother and footy team manager!

Juggling teaching, kids’ sport and her family’s needs

As a Learning Support Teacher, Taryn has always been passionate about helping children achieve their potential. She says she loves it when former students come back and share their successes with her.

Another passion is promoting Indigenous learning throughout the school curriculum – inspiring students to engage with First Nations perspectives and culture.

With two young sons who love playing sport, Taryn leads a busy life at work and at home. Life got even more complicated in 2021 when her youngest son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Being a condition that needs to be closely monitored, things got a little easier when he was fitted with an insulin pump (covered by the family’s private health insurance).

Between supporting her students, managing her sons’ footy team, coaching netball at school, and keeping the family healthy and happy, there’s never a dull moment!

The peace of mind of having top cover

As Taryn says, teachers are looking for great value health cover to help with both the everyday and the unexpected health costs – like when Nicholas was diagnosed with diabetes. Being not-for-profit, Teachers Health is all about giving members better value on a range of cover – through lower premiums and more back as benefits.

Members like Taryn choose our Hospital cover for more choice and control over any treatment they may need in hospital. Plus it can even help with things like insulin pump therapy as an outpatient.

And when it comes to looking after the eyes, teeth, backs and feet of even the most sporty family, you can put Extras cover towards things like optical, dental, physio and podiatry for the whole team.

Providing the value teachers deserve

We know what teachers want – As the fund that’s for the education community, we love being able to look after you and your family. It’s our mission to give you the best value heath cover we can.
Help with the big things – When Taryn’s son developed diabetes, she was relieved her Hospital cover helped pay for his insulin pump. And knows her family will be better prepared for other health challenges.
Help with the little things – For active types like Taryn, it’s great to have Extras cover to help with the costs of physio and chiro. Not to mention dental check-ups, new glasses and a massage or two!
Caring for your body and mind – To support you in and out of the classroom, we also offer extra support to eligible members for things like health conditions, mental wellness and having a baby.