Recognised weight loss programs

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a low kilojoule diet that uses a food group counting approach to manage food intake. This approach encourages optimal nutrition while reducing food intake to enable weight loss. The program offers a menu plan, recipes, exercise information and online tracking tools. The meal plan is adaptable for gluten and lactose intolerance and for people with coeliac disease. The program is untested for vegetarian or vegan diets and may not be nutritionally complete in these circumstances. It is unsuitable during pregnancy.

Weight Watchers is a low kilojoule diet approach. The program uses SmartPointsTM to encourage a flexible approach to meal planning. You are provided with low energy recipe ideas, and are encouraged to access in-person, online or telephone support to discuss nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. To be eligible, you must have a weight 3kg above the healthy weight range for your height. You are ineligible if pregnant.

SHED-IT is an online weight loss program designed by men, for men. Participants can lose, on average, 5kg over the 12-week program. Any male aged 18-80 can sign up for SHED-IT and learn how to lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation is a low kilojoule diet approach. The program takes place through an online community in which you can connect with other participants. The menu plan is provided including recipes, shopping lists and nutrition and exercise information.

Jenny Craig is a low kilojoule diet approach. The program provides you with one-on-one support from a Jenny Craig consultant with whom you can discuss a weight loss strategy and menu plan and track your progress. The program encourages a small regular food intake including 3 meals and snacks. Meals are provided. The menu contains gluten. A multivitamin and mineral supplement is recommended while undertaking the program.

Impromy Program is a very low kilojoule weight loss program that replaces whole meals with liquid supplements. Supplements contain milk, soy and oat products, may contain traces of egg, nut, wheat. Minimal lactose, no artificial sweeteners. Such programs are used for a short time to promote rapid weight loss in obese people. Members undertaking such programs require medical approval as well as ongoing support throughout the program and when food is reintroduced to prevent weight regain. Weekly follow up is encouraged in-person or over the phone with an Impromy consultant.

GutBusters can be completed in group sessions (6 meetings over 4 months) or one-on-one with a GutBusters facilitator. It aims to educate participants about small lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce weight and improve health. The program was originally developed for men. A female version ButBusters also exists.