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Here are the answers to questions our members have been asking during these uncertain times.

Teachers Health

What are you doing to support members during this time?

At the start of the pandemic we implemented a member support package, which included:

  • Postponing 1 April 2020 premium increases for 6 months (until 1 October 2020)
  • Cover for COVID-19 admissions for all members with Hospital cover
  • Cover for a range of additional telehealth services through Extras cover
  • Financial hardship support measures (until 31 March 2021) 
  • Increased support for new and expectant parents.

Learn more about our member support package

How can you support me if I’m experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19?

Until 31 March 2021, members experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 could apply to suspend their cover. While this measure has now finished, you can still apply to suspend your membership under our standard membership suspension process.


How will you keep me updated during COVID-19? 

We recommend setting your contact preference to Via Member Services, and choosing either SMS or email (rather than Standard Mail). You can do this via Online Member Services or our member app:

Online Member Services

If you haven’t already registered, you can do so at Online Member Services. You’ll need your member number, which you’ll find on your membership card.

Otherwise, log into Online Member Services, select My membership > Contact details, scroll down to Contact preferences then click Edit.

Member app

If you’ve already registered for Online Member Services, you can access our member app. Once you’ve done this, open the app, tap on the menu icon (bottom right-hand-corner), select Membership > My contact details > Edit.


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Mental health support

What type of mental health support is available for Teachers Health members?


During COVID-19, our members have been using their Extras cover to claim for telepsychology – psychology consults via phone or Skype. 

Mental Wellness Program

This phone-based program is available to eligible members through Teachers Healthcare Services.

There’s been a significant rise in the number of members accessing the program during COVID-19. In the last financial year, over 50% of Mental Wellness Program referrals were made between March – June 2020.  

Learn more about the Mental Wellness Program

Resilience eBook

This Resilience eBook has never been more relevant. It’s full of thought- provoking wisdom and practical strategies to help you navigate these troubled times. 


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Teachers Healthcare Services

What support can I access via Teachers Healthcare Services?

Care Coordination Program

Eligible members can access the Teachers Healthcare Services Care Coordination Program (phone-based health support service, staffed by registered nurses and dietitian) and discuss how to stay safe, access appropriate care, achieve or maintain health goals, access credible information and feel supported. 

Mental Wellness Program

Through Teachers Healthcare Services, eligible members can access telehealth consultations with mental health service providers (see above).

New Family Program 

Eligible members can access the New Family Program as an accredited alternative to in-hospital classes. The program includes online resources and telephone support, as well as mental health support if required.

At the start of the pandemic, we made this program available to more members until 30 September 2020. We’ve now extended this until 30 June 2021.

Hospital Substitute Treatment

Hospital Substitute Treatment is home-based clinical care. More on this below. 

How can I access these programs? 

Just fill in the Teachers Healthcare Services contact form and the team will be in touch.

Who's eligible for the programs?

Eligibility for support services varies, but at a minimum you need to have Teachers Health Hospital cover and have served any relevant waiting periods. The Teachers Healthcare Services team can talk to you about any other eligibility criteria attached to a given service.


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Hospital Substitute Treatment

What’s Hospital Substitute Treatment?

Hospital Substitute Treatment (HST) is home-based clinical care you’d otherwise have to be in hospital for. It can reduce the length of a hospital stay, or even help you avoid in-hospital (inpatient) treatment altogether.

Teachers Healthcare Services provides access to two services: Hospital at home and Rehab at home. You can learn more about them via our Before hospital and Leaving hospital pages. 

Which conditions can be treated through HST?

Evidence shows the conditions that can be safely treated at home include: 

  • cellulitis
  • pneumonia
  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • urinary tract infections (UTIs).

What are the benefits of home-based care?

Provided it’s safe for you, the benefits include: 

  • being in the comfort of own home
  • flexibility: you can eat, watch TV and sleep when you want!
  • reduced risk of infection (compared to hospital).

How can I access HST?

All levels of Teachers Health Hospital cover provide access to HST. The decisions rests with the doctor who’s treating you, as your safety is paramount. It also needs to be for treatment that's included in your Hospital cover (just as if you were in hospital).


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Teachers Health Centres

Are Teachers Health Centres open?

Yes! See our Health Centres page for the latest on the services that are available at our centres.  


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