2021-2022 Extras benefit rollover

2021-2022 Extras benefit rollover

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Rolling over unused annual limits into 2022

Extras benefit limits usually reset on 1 January each year – not this time!

COVID-19 restrictions may have stopped you from making full use of your Extras in 2021, so we’re giving you more time to get maximum value from your cover.

Who’s eligible for the benefit rollover?

All members who had active or suspended Top Extras, Essential Extras or StarterPak (Basic Plus) cover on 31 December 2021.

Which limits does the rollover apply to?

It applies to most Extras services that have calendar year limits.

Some services also have sub-limits (e.g. Physiotherapy has sub-limits for group therapy and class therapy). The good news is that unused sub-limits have also been rolled over into 2022.

Are there any limits that haven’t rolled over?

Yes – limits that haven’t rolled over include:

Non-calendar year limits

    • Hearing aids
    • CPAP machine
    • Wheelchair

Preventative dental services

These services remain capped at 2 visits per year, since you’re normally recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months.

    • Periodic oral examination (012)
    • Removal of calculus (114)
    • Topical application of remineralising agent (121)

Emergency Ambulance

Members with Hospital cover already have unlimited access to Emergency Ambulance services. For members without Hospital cover, the annual limit is $6,000 per person.


What are my new Extras limits for 2022?

Annual limits that weren’t used up during 2021 will be carried over into 2022. You can check your 2022 limits via Online Member Services or our member app.


Essential Extras has a higher limit for Psychology from 1 April 2022. How does that work with the rollover?

From 1 April, your 2022 limit for Psychology will be $550 minus any claims you made in 2021.

Last year’s annual limit ($250) plus new limit ($300) = $550.


StarterPak will cover Psychology from 1 April 2022. How does that work with the rollover?

Your 2022 limit for Psychology is $300. Since Psychology wasn’t covered last year, there are no benefits to roll over.


How does the rollover affect the amount I can claim?

While your annual limit has doubled, the amount you can claim for each visit remains the same.


The benefit for a remedial massage is $32 per visit.

If you have Top Extras, your annual limit for remedial massage is $600 which could be used for 18 massages ($600/$32 = 18.75)

If you didn’t have any remedial massages during 2021, the full $600 would roll over and your 2022 limit would be $1,200. You could use this amount for 37 massages ($1,200/$32 = 37.5)

Does the benefit rollover expire?

You have until the end of 2022 to access the rollover. Annual limits will return to their usual amounts on 1 January 2023.

What if I change my level of cover?

If you change your level of Extras cover during 2022, you’ll lose any rollover entitlements.

What if I add another person to my cover?

People new to Teachers Health won’t receive the rollover, as they didn’t have an eligible Extras cover on 31 December 2021.

If you’re combining two Teachers Health memberships into one Couple or Family membership, and everyone stays on the same level of Extras, you’ll all keep the rollover.