Nurses  Midwives Health merger FAQ

Nurses & Midwives Health merger FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is Teachers Health undertaking a merger?

The decision to merge with Nurses & Midwives Health has been made to strengthen the position of the merged fund well into the future.

As one health fund, we’ll combine our efforts to create operational efficiencies and, in turn, focus on what matters most – supporting our members.


Q: When will the merger take effect?

The merger will take effect on 1 January 2022.


Q: Why Nurses & Midwives Health?

Like Teachers Health, Nurses & Midwives Health is part of Teachers Health Group and shares our vision of putting members at the heart of everything they do.

Together, we’ll join forces to become the go-to fund for teachers, educators, nurses and midwives – vital and indispensable members of our community who dedicate their lives to helping others.


Q: What does it mean for members?

For Teachers Health members, the merger won’t have any impact day-to-day – you’ll still enjoy the same member-focused benefits, support and service.


Q: Will the Teachers Health brand remain?

Yes! While Teachers Health and Nurses & Midwives Health will officially operate as one health fund from 1 January 2022, Teachers Health will retain its own unique identity and branding.

The strength of the Teachers Health brand will continue to flourish and our commitment to supporting the health insurance needs of Australia’s teachers, education community and their families will remain as strong as ever.

As always, we’ll continue to work closely with our teachers/education union partners and associations to ensure the needs of the education community are met.