2023 flu vaccine benefit

2023 flu vaccine benefit

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Why we’ve created this benefit, who’s eligible and how to claim

We introduced the flu shot benefit in 2022 in response to information from the Department of Health, which predicted last year’s flu season would be worse than usual. The good news is we decided to extend the flu shot benefit until the end of 2023.

Our response

While some of us are entitled to free flu vaccinations via the government’s National Immunisation Program or via an employer, many of us have to pay for it ourselves.

So we’ve added the flu shot to Healthy Lifestyle until the end of 2023. Eligible members can claim a flu vaccination benefit* to help reduce:

  • pressure on our (already stretched) healthcare system
  • disruption to our professional and personal lives
  • our members’ chances of getting sick from the influenza virus.

Who can claim?

Members aged between 5 and 65 years on Top Extras, Essential Extras or StarterPak, who get a flu shot between 1 January – 31 December 2023, can claim for vaccinations given by a registered pharmacist or GP.

How do I claim?

Send us a copy of your receipt via:

How much will I get back?

The 2023 flu shot benefit has been set up as a sub-limit of Healthy Lifestyle. Here’s what that means if you have:

  • Top Extras & Essential Extras – we’ll pay the cost of the vaccine up to $30 per person*
  • StarterPak – we’ll pay for the cost of the vaccine up to $30 per person, to a maximum of $60 per policy for Couple, Single Parent and Family policies*

We’ll only pay for the cost of the vaccine, not any consultation or service fees, or other costs.


Have questions?

You’ll find more info on eligibility, vaccines, receipts and claiming in our 2023 flu vaccine FAQs.