Rob and Janet's Story

Rob and Janet were planning for retirement when the unexpected happened and Janet needed a hip replacement following a fall. Luckily they had chosen the total peace of mind offered by Top Hospital. “We had considered reducing our health insurance as we hadn’t really claimed for anything major since our children had grown up and left home. When I had a fall and found out I needed a hip replacement I was so relieved that I didn’t. You never know what’s around the corner and the operation would have cost us thousands to have it done privately without health insurance. I’m so glad that we saw the value in keeping our health insurance, which meant I could have the operation done with the doctor of my choice and then recover in a private room. I’ve also been able to claim a lot of the costs associated with my rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It’s certainly made me realise that health insurance is even more important as we get older.”

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This story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not based on a specific member of Teachers Health Fund. The scenario used however, is one that is typical within our membership.

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