Melissa's Story

For primary teacher Melissa, her job is the most important in the world because she’s guardian for a year of 23 souls that need to be looked after. She wants them to be happy, healthy and reach their full potential. She also wants the same for her family. When her son Max needed a knee reconstruction, Teachers Health provided the support and security for him to get better sooner and back into his active lifestyle. “It was wonderful to be able to choose our own doctor, the hospital; we didn’t have to wait, it was just great.” “It’s security, it’s knowing that if something happens we’ve got backup there, and because it’s focused on the education system I just feel that they know what we go through and what we need.”

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This story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not based on a specific member of Teachers Health Fund. The scenario used however, is one that is typical within our membership.

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