Marnie and Scott's Story

Marnie and her husband Scott were on separate health insurance policies – Marnie with Teachers Health and Scott with a different insurer. When they started to think about adding to their family they wanted to move to a couples policy so they could add any future children to a family policy when the time came. They decided on Top Hospital with Top Extras. “As soon as we became aware of some of the services we’d need while we’re planning for a family, or once we’ve actually had kids, we realised that we had to change our policies to a family cover. The question was, did we choose Scott’s health insurance provider or stay with Teachers Health where I was already a member? We asked Teachers Health to do a free, personalised comparison between Scott’s fund and Teachers Health so we could easily see which offered the best cover for pregnancy and our family’s needs in the future. The comparison made things clear – Teachers Health’s Top Hospital and Top Extras products were the obvious choice. I’m covered for pregnancy-related services after the nine month waiting period and can use my Extras to claim for pre-natal and post-natal programs, in addition to all the usual stuff.”

Top Hospital

Top Extras

This story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not based on a specific member of Teachers Health Fund. The scenario used however, is one that is typical within our membership.

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