Hospital cover FAQS

Hospital cover FAQS

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* Based on an Australian Government Rebate of %, % LHC loading, $ excess for a in . Please note that our prices will increase from 1 April

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What's changing with Hospital covers?

There are two key changes that will impact members – standard clinical categories and Gold/Silver/Bronze/Basic product categories.

Standard Clinical Categories

To make it easier for members to understand their cover, the Government is introducing standard clinical categories on 1 April. Each clinical category has a defined scope of cover, and a list of treatments that are included.

View the categories here.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic product categories

All hospital products will be classified into one of the following categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic. For each category, there are a minimum number of clinical categories that must be covered. This means that some current products will have to change to be able to fit into one of the prescribed categories. A significant majority of our members won’t be affected by this, but for those who are, we’ll inform them directly as soon as the changes are confirmed.

More information can be found here.