Real life stories

Here are some real life examples of how Travel Insurance through Allianz Global Assistance has helped people.

Mrs & Mrs Bassani were covered for costs adding up to $10,086 when they needed to disembark their cruise ship.

Mr and Mrs Bassani were looking forward to a relaxing two weeks aboard a luxury cruise ship. They never thought their holiday would be cut short when Mr Bassani developed a nose bleed and was consequently asked to disembark the ship.

After reporting the nose bleed and being asked to disembark, Mr Bassani was advised to go to the nearest hospital for medical assistance. Upon arrival at the hospital Mrs Bassani rang Allianz Global Assistance.

Allianz Global Assistance helped locate accommodation close to the hospital for the couple to stay. Fortunately, after a few checks, Mr Bassani was given the all clear from the hospital but there was no chance of them being able to reboard the cruise ship.

While Mrs Bassani saw to her husband’s needs, Allianz Global Assistance was there to help by arranging new flights home and transport from the airport back to their home.

“The team at Allianz Global Assistance were a great help to my husband and I during a very confusing time. I’d like to thank Allianz Global Assistance and especially Robbie who was assigned to our case for doing such a great job.” – Helen Bassani

Justin was covered for $165,000 worth of overseas medical expenses when he broke both legs skiing in Canada.

Justin was in Whistler, Canada meeting up with friends for a snowboarding trip when one day before work things didn’t go to plan. Justin was having fun on the slopes with a friend and after completing a jump had the misfortune of hitting a concealed rock.

Justin unfortunately broke both his legs. He needed urgent surgery for bilateral leg fractures – fractured right tibia (shinbone) and fibula (calf bone) and fractured left tibial plateau.

Justin had emergency surgery to correct his broken legs and was in hospital for seven days in Canada. Allianz Global Assistance, organised for Justin’s brother to travel to Canada to help.

They then organised his medical clearance to fly and had two registered nurses help with his stretcher repatriation back to Australia. Allianz Global Assistance was there to assist Justin so he and his family could focus on the more important things.

Once back safely recovering in Australia, Justin began receiving rehabilitation physiotherapy but was unable to weight bear for three months.

Justin purchased Travel Insurance for $820 and the benefits of the insurance paid out over $165,000. This is just another great example of why Travel Insurance is a smart idea.