Teachers Health Centre updates

Teachers Health Centre updates

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Are Teachers Health Centres open?

We’re providing limited services at our Health Centres – for health and safety reasons, it's by appointment only

We’re hoping it’ll be business as usual at our Health Centres in the near future. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time.


Can I turn up to a centre and get an appointment?

Sorry – not at the moment. The limited services we're providing right now are strictly by appointment only. This is to protect our members and our people.


Are you offering telehealth appointments?

Yes. Eligible members can book telehealth consultations with the Health Centre team to talk about their optical and dental concerns. Telehealth consultations aren’t a substitute for your regular eye exams or dental check-ups though.

Appointment enquiries

Optical | Dental


When will the Teachers Health Centres re-open completely?

We're reviewing the situation regularly and will re-open fully as soon as it’s safe for you (and us).


What should I do if I need emergency dental treatment?

If you have symptoms that need urgent treatment, like facial swelling, trauma, excessive bleeding or severe pain, please go to your local dental hospital. Options include:




If you can't get to a dental hospital, go to your nearest emergency department. 


What should I do if I need emergency optical treatment?

If you have symptoms that need urgent treatment, like sudden loss of vision, flashes and floaters or ocular trauma, please go to your local emergency department or eye hospital. Options include: 




I’ve lost my glasses or contact lenses, can you help?

Please contact your local Health Centre. If you’ve had glasses or contact lenses from us before we’ll probably be able to repeat your order.


Can I have a copy of my contact lens or glasses script?

Absolutely. Please contact your local Health Centre.