The power of mentors

The power of mentors

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A love of maths and the power of mentors: Linda Le wins inaugural Public Education Foundation’s Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship

Meet Linda. She’s passionate about teaching maths, and always strives to find new ways to make the subject interesting for her students. She’s also the recipient of the first Public Education Foundation Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship. The scholarship recognises outstanding public school teachers in their first three years of teaching and provides $10,000 to support their professional development.  

Every day Linda enthusiastically inspires her students in the classroom. But it’s her own former maths teacher who she cites as her own inspiration and she now works alongside him in the maths department at Elderslie High School.

“His belief in me and continual encouragement to achieve my personal best allowed me to develop a real passion for problem-solving,” said Ms Le. “Being a student from a low socio-economic background and having a goal to work towards and seeing the opportunities working hard paves for you was a big thing he made me see.”

Linda hopes to use the scholarship to discover more about the use of growth mindset practices in teaching maths and investigate how other countries engage and motivate their students in the classroom. She hopes to continually find ways to make her students share her enthusiasm for maths.

“This award is such a huge opportunity for me as an early career teacher to grow and enhance my practice,” she said. “I am really looking forward to the opportunities the Teachers Health Scholarship will open for me and the ways I can contribute back to my school community.”

Teachers Health is delighted to partner with the Public Education Foundation and once again give back to the education community. Brad Joyce, Teachers Health CEO commented, “Linda Le is a great asset to the teaching profession, positively shaping lives through her work, and we’re proud to support her professional development through the Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship.”

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