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From the CEO

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Working together

We understand that one of the key issues our members (and the broader Australian population) face is the affordability of private health insurance. So we know how frustrating it is that even with Hospital cover, you may still find yourself paying out-of-pocket costs if you need to go to hospital. Health funds have often been labelled as the bad guys in this issue, however as a recent Four Corners investigation highlighted, there are other factors which need to be closely examined, including bill creep, hidden fees and lack of regulation into what surgeons can charge. Read more here.

As your health fund, we stand right beside you in the fight against growing out-of-pocket costs – we’re in this together. And while we have no control over doctors and specialist fees, we can provide information and resources to help you understand what gaps are likely to be.

We have a range of resources and programs available, including information around Access Gap Cover and the HealthShare portal, on our website. Access Gap Cover through Teachers Health can help to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. The HealthShare portal on our website provides an easy (and free) way of finding doctors who have previously participated in Gap Cover schemes. Read more about Access Gap Cover and HealthShare here.

And remember, ask questions of your specialist, ask questions about your treatment and cost (and query anything you don’t understand), ask your GP about alternative specialists and their charges (and seek a second opinion if you’re not happy), and check with us about what you’re covered for. We’re committed to giving you the right information to help you make informed decisions to manage the challenge of escalating health costs.

Strengthening benefits

The Mental Health Waiver reform introduced by the government in April has been welcomed by professionals and patients alike. This allows members who have served their two-month waiting period on a Hospital product with a restricted level of cover for Psychiatric services to upgrade to a Hospital product which covers Psychiatric services and choose to have the two month waiting period for these higher benefits waived. We understand the value of this for members, particularly given the often stressful and demanding challenges faced in your profession. We’re very happy to be able to offer this, and I encourage you to discuss this with us if you have any questions. You can also find more information about it here.

Giving back

We’re honoured to have recently been recognised as a ‘Diamond Supporter’ by Stewart House – their highest sponsorship category. We’ve enjoyed a long association with the charity, providing both monetary donations and practical, often life-changing, help to the children who stay there. We’re very proud to support the work that Stewart House does in changing the lives of children in difficult circumstances. You can read more here or visit the Stewart House website to find out more about the work they do.

Best wishes,

Brad Joyce, CEO