Teachers Health supporting a sustainable future

Teachers Health is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cool Australia, supporting teachers in bringing sustainability into our classrooms.

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to educate young Australian's for a sustainable future. Supporting teachers since 2008, the organisation recognised that our education system is the most important and effective way to connect with young people. Cool Australia provides educators with learning activities and resources that make the teaching and learning of social, environmental and economic sustainability as easy as possible. Units of work and learning activities can be downloaded from the Cool Australia website and taken straight into the classroom. 

As a supporting partner and exclusive private health insurance partner, Teachers Health will help Cool Australia and teachers to bring real world learning to students. Real world learning helps young people to connect and contribute to an everchanging world and encourages them to consider how their decisions impact on other people, our planet and our future. With this knowledge and interest in sustainability, these young people can go on to become problem finders and solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Jason Kimberley, Cool Australia CEO said, “Our capacity to upskill teachers to become the designers of exceptional learning for all young Australians would be limited without the wonderful relationships we have with our partners. We are thrilled to have Teachers Health on board as our exclusive private health insurance partner. As the fund is exclusively for the education community, Teachers Health is the perfect fit for our work in bringing the holistic view of sustainability to Australian schools.”

The learning activities created by Cool Australia’s curriculum writing team are year level-specific, from Early Learning through to Year 12 and all are linked to the Australian Curriculum standards and the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes. An online digital library including videos, research, stories and news for each major topic further supports the learning activities. A choice of topics are available, including biodiversity, climate change, human rights, Indigenous histories and cultures and life cycle analysis. All topics can be incorporated across a range of subjects, from science, English, maths and geography to business, economics and technology to name just a few.

Cool Australia also supports professional development to help educators build their confidence and skills and support learning.

For more information on Cool Australia and its programs, visit coolaustralia.org