Getting started

Getting started

Member App Quick Start Guide

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Access the app

Here’s what you need to do to get the Teachers Health app up and running:

  1. Register for Online Member Services
  2. Check your tech
  3. Download the app
  4. One-time app registration

1. Register for Online Member Services

To log in to our member app, you first need to register for Online Member Services. Just enter your member number and a few other identifying details, and we’ll send you an SMS with an activation code:

Register here for Online Member Services

Need to reset your password? If you reset your password for Online Member Services, you need to wait at least five minutes before you can use your new password to log in to the app.

2. Check your tech

To use the app, your device needs to be on a new-ish operating system:


What you need: iOS 11.0 or higher

How to check: Go to Settings > General > About and view the Software Version


What you need: 7.0 or higher

How to check: Go to Settings > About phone or About device > Android version and view the version information


Can’t get the app on your device?

3. Download the app

Hit the link for your device, then download.

Download for iOS

Download for Android


Google Play store button 

4. One-time registration

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to register it:

Step 1

Have your membership number and Online Member Services password to-hand.

Don’t have an Online Member Services password? Get one now


Step 2

Confirm your membership number is correct. We’ll then send you a registration code (via SMS and email) for the app. 

Please hold off tapping 'Didn't receive a code?' if it doesn't come through right away – it can take up to 15 minutes to get your code


Step 3

Enter the code to complete your one-time app registration


Step 4

Read and accept our Privacy Notice and the Terms & Conditions


Step 5

You can then set up a PIN. And if it's available on your device, either Face ID or Touch ID.

video of app

Need help?

All being well, you’ll be using the app in no time. But if you need help, here’s how to get it:

FAQ icon

App FAQs

Answers to common app-related questions, and some top troubleshooting tips.

Read FAQs
Contact us icon

Contact us

If you’re locked out of the app or Online Member Services, or just want to speak to a human.

Call 1300 728 188

Can’t get the app on your device?

Compatibility issues

For reasons beyond our control, there are minimum device operating system requirements for the Teachers Health app. For more on this see our app FAQs


Other ways to claim and manage your membership online

Log in to Online Member Services


Claiming for Extras
There are several ways you can claim for Extras services.
How to claim