Meet Donna

Heart of her family, careers counsellor and Teachers Health member

Making a difference to the lives of others

Life brings many fulfilling moments – both personally and professionally. Whether it’s quality time spent with loved ones or the difference you make in your career, those moments matter.

For careers counsellor Donna, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping her students on their journey to achieving great things. But sometimes Donna needs support herself and Teachers Health has been there for her when she’s needed it most.

Choice when you need it

When an injury stopped Donna in her tracks, she needed treatment when and where it was convenient for her, without worrying about having to foot the bill. That’s why private health insurance and Teachers Health are here.

Hospital cover gives you choice so you can get the treatment you need, when and where you need it (and get back to doing the things you love sooner).

And with Extras cover,  you can even claim on some services that Medicare doesn’t cover, meaning benefits for optical, dental, physio, chiro and much more.

Find out what Teachers Health can do for you

Support when and where you need it – with Teachers Health Hospital cover, Donna knew she was covered to get the treatment she needed, whilst avoiding public hospital waiting lists.
Choose your doctor – needing surgery can be a worrying time, but choosing your own doctor means one less thing to worry about.
Extras cover means you can claim benefits for services you use regularly, like optical, dental and physio, that aren’t covered by Medicare.
We’re focused on making sure our members get the best possible value from their Teachers Health cover.