•    1 in 10 Australians, around 2.5 million people, have asthma
•    34% of people report that asthma interferes with their daily living
•    21.8% of people aged 15–25 required time off work, school or study due to their asthma
•    Only 20% of people aged 15 and over have a written asthma action plan.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a long-term lung condition that results in difficulty breathing. It affects people of all ages. While there is currently no cure for asthma, it is known that people can be supported to improve their asthma control and minimise asthma symptoms. Many people with asthma expect that regular symptoms are a normal part of having asthma but this rarely the case. There are some very simple steps to can take to improve your asthma and reduce your symptoms and the first step is being informed.

Trusted information

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Asthma Action Plan

It’s essential to have an up-to-date Written Asthma Action Plan to help you manage your asthma. Your Asthma Action Plan should be displayed in a place where it can be seen by you and others who need to know.

Click here to download and print an Asthma Action Plan to take to your GP.

Asthma First Aid

By learning more about asthma first aid and sharing this information, you could help save a life.

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