Top Hospital

Designed to provide total peace of mind if the unexpected occurs, Top Hospital is our most popular and comprehensive Hospital product and covers you for a large range of services including pregnancy, heart procedures and hip and knee joint replacements.

Cover includes all hospital accommodation and theatre expenses at any public hospital and all private hospitals which hold an agreement with Teachers Health Fund. For more information on Agreement Private Hospitals, click here

Private Hospital (Agreement private hospital and same day surgeries)

Choice of Agreement private hospital

Before you book into a hospital it is important that you contact us call 1300 344 000

Accommodation – shared and private room (when available)

Theatre fees, intensive care fees

Labour ward fees

Private Hospital Services

Removal of tonsils and adenoids

Knee and shoulder investigations and reconstructions

Appendicitis treatment


Removal of wisdom teeth

Pregnancy & birth related services

Infertility treatments

Hip, knee, shoulder & ankle replacements

Coronary care & cardiothoracic surgery

Dialysis procedures & treatments

Major eye & eye lens surgery

Bariatric surgery

Sterilisation & reversal of sterilisation

Psychiatric, rehabilitation & palliative care

All other services where Medicare pays a benefit

These services will be listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This is a list of services for which Medicare pays a benefit and the rules that apply to the payment of those benefits. Each service has a fee that has been set by the Federal Government for the purpose of calculating the Medicare benefit payable for that service.

Services that do not attract a Medicare benefit

Some services, such as laser eye surgery and cosmetic surgery to enhance appearance, do not attract a benefit from Medicare. Teachers Health Fund will not pay benefits for hospital or medical services where Medicare pays no benefits for the procedure. This will result in significant out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of your level of cover.

Medical services

Choice of doctor

Access Gap Cover

Access Gap Cover (AGC) is a billing scheme that aims to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses to members for doctor and specialist services received in hospital. Doctors may choose to participate in AGC on a patient by patient basis, so you should discuss this with your doctor.

Government approved surgically implanted prostheses

Some prostheses may have out-of-pocket expenses. Please call us on 1300 727 538 for more information.

Public Hospital

Shared room

Private room (where available)

Theatre fees, intensive care fees

Charges associated with these services are included in the accommodation charge that is paid by Teachers Health Fund

Labour ward fees

Charges associated with these services are included in the accommodation charge that is paid by Teachers Health Fund



NIL, $300 or $500 You will be required to pay an excess of $300 or $500 (depending on level of cover chosen) when admitted to a private hospital. This excess is paid once per person, per calendar year to a maximum of twice per membership, for couple, family and single parent memberships. The excess does not apply to child dependants under the age of 21.

Non-emergency Ambulance

Non-emergency ambulance is all ambulance services provided by a state government ambulance service or a private ambulance service recognised by Teachers Health Fund, other than those defined under emergency ambulance transport and not including inter-hospital transfers. Examples of services payable include: call out or attendance fee where no transport occurs and admission or discharge between hospital and home where transport is deemed medically necessary. Non-emergency ambulance transport deemed medically necessary must be supported by a letter from the treating doctor explaining the medical requirement for ambulance transport.

Emergency Ambulance Transport

Emergency Ambulance means an ambulance service that consists of transporting a seriously ill person to the nearest hospital by a State Government Ambulance Service or by a private ambulance service recognised by Teachers Health Fund in order to receive urgently needed treatment. This includes transportation from the scene of an accident or the scene of a medical event such as a heart attack or stroke, but does not include transportation to hospital for the routine management of an ongoing medical condition or transportation between hospitals.

Exemption from Medicare levy surcharge

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is an additional 1.0%-1.5% surcharge of taxable income imposed on higher income earners who are eligible for Medicare but do not have private hospital cover. If the surcharge applies to you, your Medicare Levy increase from 2%, which is what most Australians pay, to 3.0%-3.5% of your taxable income.

Waiting Periods

A waiting period is the time you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can receive benefits for those services or items and apply to:

  • new members to private health insurance
  • existing Teachers Health Fund members who upgrade to a higher level of cover or reduce their level of excess
  • members who transfer from another health fund who have not already completed the required waiting periods, or who are transferring to a higher level of cover
If you have cancelled your health insurance membership with another health fund, you need to join Teachers Health Fund within 60 days to make sure you receive continuity of cover.

Hospital Waiting Periods

Pre-existing conditions* 12 months
Pregnancy & birth related services 9 months
Psychiatric, rehabilitations & palliative care 2 months
All other hospital services 2 months
Emergency ambulance transport 1 day
Non-emergency ambulance transport 1 day

*A pre-existing condition is an illness, ailment or condition where the signs or symptoms of which, in the opinion of the Fund Medical Advisor or other relevant medical practitioner appointed by Teachers Health Fund, existed at any time during the six months before taking out private health insurance or transferring to a higher level of cover. This rule applies to new members to private health insurance and existing members who are upgrading their level of cover. If you are a new member to private health insurance you will have to wait 12 months before you can receive benefits for items or services related to a pre-existing condition. If you change to a higher level of cover, you may have to wait 12 months to receive benefits, including benefits for services not previously covered. A 12 month waiting period applies to all pre-existing conditions except pregnancy & birth related services, which is a 9 month waiting period and psychiatric, palliative care and rehabilitation, which is a two month waiting period.

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