New Family Program during COVID-19

New Family Program during COVID-19

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Support for expectant and new parents

Being pregnant and having a baby are major life events at the best of times. Factor in social isolation measures and it may be hard to get the support you need. 

At the start of the pandemic, we expanded our New Family Program. It’s usually a once in a lifetime benefit, available to eligible members* from the 36th week of pregnancy up until their baby's three months old. 

We opened it up to members from the 14th week of pregnancy, and to those who've accessed it before. Initially this was until 30 September 2020; we’ve now extended this to 30 June 2021.

The New Family Program is available to eligible members (whose Hospital cover includes pregnancy & birth) via Teachers Healthcare Services.

The program

Here’s how it works:

Online learning 

You’ll get a subscription to the Nourish Learning Hub, where you can access short online courses on: 

  • pregnancy health
  • labour
  • birth
  • breastfeeding
  • parenthood
  • infant and toddler sleep and settling.

You can also do a confidential online emotional health screening to help you understand how you’re coping and if you could use extra help.

Telephone support

Personalised advice on sleep, settling and breastfeeding from a Safe Sleep Space consultant over the phone. You’ll also get a Safe Sleep Space handbook for on-the-spot advice.


Until 30 June 2021, eligible members* with Hospital cover (excluding StarterPak and Mid Classic) can access the program any time from the 14th week of pregnancy until your baby's three months old.

To learn more, get in touch via the Teachers Healthcare Services contact form

Teachers Healthcare Services
Teachers Healthcare Services

The Teachers Healthcare Services team helps eligible members with Hospital cover access a range of support services*. This can be linked to hospital treatment, having a baby, or managing your physical and/or mental health.

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