Teachers Health gets the thumbs up from Choice on Studio 10

“Teachers are the best” – Joe Hildebrand

If you were watching Studio 10 on Monday 26 March, you would’ve seen a feature on how to save on your health insurance.

Tom Godfrey from Choice, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, was guest panellist, providing an independent voice on an issue that’s been dominating the headlines recently.

Mr Godfrey spoke at length about the importance of picking the right health fund in order to save.

“The major funds aren’t always the best. One of the real tips we try to give to people is look for restricted membership funds, often your employer, if you’re a teacher for example – they have some of the best value funds in the market,” Mr Godfrey said.

Studio 10 host Joe Hildebrand offered his opinion during the conversation and stated, “Teachers are the best”.

The feature ended with a final piece of advice from Mr Godfrey.

“Check to see if you can join a restricted membership fund, like the Teachers Health fund we were talking about before, they often offer much better value policies to members”.

Watch the feature in full here.

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