Introducing Nurses & Midwives Health

A new health fund exclusively for nurses and midwives

Teachers Health is excited to announce the launch of a new health fund for nurses and midwives. CEO Brad Joyce commented, “Just like teachers, nurses and midwives will now enjoy the dedication and expertise of their very own health fund. Nurses & Midwives Health is focussed on providing members with relevant and affordable health insurance cover at every stage of life, allowing them to take control of important decisions when it comes to managing their own health and wellbeing and that of their family.

As an industry-based health fund, Nurses & Midwives Health will only be open to members of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation and its branches. Like Teachers Health Fund, the new health fund is not-for-profit and will not pay dividends to shareholders or overseas investors. “We believe that those who wish to take our health insurance should have access to the best possible health cover at the best possible price. As a not-for-profit organisation, Nurses & Midwives Health will always put the interests of members first. Any surplus generated will be reinvested into the Fund to support lower premiums, increased benefits and additional services,” Mr Joyce said.

Teachers Health is working closely with the nursing and midwifery unions in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. Brett Holmes, General Secretary of the NSW Nurses & Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) commented that Teachers Health “is a highly respected service to teachers and educators” and likewise he hopes that Nurses & Midwives Health will be welcomed and valued by members of the NSWNMA. Just as Teachers Health Fund has retained a close relationship with its union partners and the education community, Nurses & Midwives Health will build upon its relationship with the nursing and midwifery communities to ensure that the Fund understands and meets members’ needs. Nurses & Midwives Health will be engaging with nurses and midwives through workplace visits, supporting industry events and investing in improving the health and wellbeing of members.

Nurses & Midwives Health is a separate legal identity and health fund and will be run by Teachers Health. Mr Joyce commented, “As the largest industry-based health fund, with over 60 years of experience in the education community and industry-leading member satisfaction rates, members of Nurses & Midwives Health can feel confident that they’re in safe hands and that we will deliver the same high standard that Teachers Health Fund members enjoy.

Teachers Health members are encouraged to invite friends and community colleagues who are nurses and midwives to join Nurses & Midwives Health.

Nurses & Midwives Health is launching in early 2017. To refer nurses and midwives to Nurses & Midwives Health, visit, call 1300 344 000 or email